Barama College

Barama College, Barama
Baksa:Assam (781346)
Tel : (O) 03624-282437

Barama College
Welcome to Barama College
Tel :(O)03624-282437/

Welcome to Barama College

a. The student shall abide by the rules and regulations of the college for maintenance of discipline.
b. For the violation of rules and regulation s, students shall be liable to disciplinary action.
c. Under the guidance and control of the college authority the Barama College Students union Society shall run.
d. The student must come to the college with proper uniform. The Uniform is as follows.
    i. For non tribal girls : Mekhela(Muga Colour) Chadar with surf colour pati .
   ii. For Bodo Girls : Dakhna (green colour) with golden gunapari.
        Fali (Light yellow)
       Blouse (Surf colour)
    iii. For boys : Formal black colour pant / Formal surf colour shirt.
e. In all matters relating to the maintenance of discipline, Principals decision should be final and binding.

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